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Welcome to the real estate arm of MyTaxologist. We are a licensed realtor for New York State, and can assist our clients with any type of real estate purchase. With extensive connections across various segments of New York State’s real estate community, the staff at MyTaxologist Services can assist you in gaining the property you need – from a great commercial space to grow your business to the home of your dreams.

Our Mission

At MyTaxologist, we do much more than just list properties. We work with our clients throughout the entire homebuying process to ensure the best possible property purchase experience.

From helping determine what type of property you need, to determining what you can afford, to helping you get the mortgage you need for your purchase. We’re there every step of the way. And we can help with remodeling and restoration, too – we’re affiliated with top-notch contractors.

MyTaxologist even oversees property management if you are purchasing an investment property. Any type of property, residential or commercial, whether condos, buildings, single family or multifamily homes. At MyTaxologist, we handle it all.

Financial Assessment

Before you purchase a property, you’ll need to organize and examine your finances. Your lender will want to know your income, assets, debt and credit level. What can you afford to pay for a mortgage? MyTaxologist can help you face the daunting challenge of preparing to qualify for a mortgage loan.

Credit Repair

Is your credit less than stellar? MyTaxologist can help you with credit repair to restore a good credit score – a crucial issue when applying for a mortgage. A good credit score means you are less of a credit risk, and that’s just what lenders are looking for.

Property Hunting

Whether a foreclosure, a “fixer-upper”, a rental property, CO-OP/HOA, Commercial, Industrial, or Land to build your vision, MyTaxologist can help you find what you need – in the best location, and at the best price.

Pre-Approval Assistance

MyTaxologist has great connections within New York’s extensive mortgage banking and brokering communities. Let us help you get just the right mortgage loan for your needs and budget, with a top flight interest rate.

Purchase Completion

MyTaxologist also has extensive network connections with various insurance brokers, real estate attorneys, inspectors and appraisers. We’ll help you find who and what you need, and then help you hammer out the best possible deal for your property.

A Basic Property Buyers Checklist

Here are a few things to consider when you are thinking about purchasing a property.

There are lots of costs associated with buying a property. Is the property large enough for the intended purpose? Would you need to do any repair, remodeling or expansion? What else do you need to go with/on the property? What about your purchase costs – down payment, closing costs, insurance, property taxes, appraisal and/or inspection fees? All these costs and what method to cover them should be considered well before you begin the process of making a purchase.

Type of Property
Know what you are looking for. Know the space you need, the style of architecture, the amenities you need, the resources in the neighborhood – and know your long term needs, so you don’t have to move again in a year or two.

Location, Location, Location
Where your property is located can be a really crucial issue, especially if you are trying to start or expand a business. How’s the neighborhood? Can you easily get to needed resources in the area – schools, shopping, etc? Are there security measures for the building, or can you put some in? How’s the parking situation? There are many issues that must be considered in order to find just the right place, so you don’t end up with buyer’s remorse.

Property Condition
The New York State Property Condition Disclosure Statement serves as a great checklist for property issues to check on before you purchase a property. It’s pretty thorough, so grab a cup of tea and sit down to take a look:

We also have a full length Home Buyer Checklist. This pretty much covers everything.

Property Address
Asking Price
Real Estate Taxes
The Neighborhood
Near Work
Near Schools
Near Shopping
Near Expressways
Near Public Transportation
Near Doctors / Dentists
Near Churches
Garbage Collection
Street Lights
Streets / Alleys Well Maintained
Traffic Volume
Neighbor’s Property Well Maintained
All Utilities Installed
Neighborhood / Restrictions
Near Trains / Airports
Area Zoned Residential
Near Industry
Proposed Special Assessments
Environment Concerns / Influences
The House
Age of House
No. of Stories
Wood Frame
Brick Frame
Wood & Brick Frame
Aluminum Siding
Roof Condition
Foundation Condition
Overall Exterior Condition
Garage Size
No. of Bathrooms
No. of Closets
No. of Bedrooms
Oil Heat
Gas Heat
Electric Heat
Hot Water Heat
Central Air Conditioning
Energy-Conservation Features
Age of Heating System
Age of Water Heater
Capacity of Water Heater
Age of Electrical Wiring
Plumbing Condition
Estimated Water Bill $ $ $
Estimated Heating Bill $ $ $
Estimated Electric Bill $ $ $
Living Room
Separate Dining Room
Family Room
Drapes – No. of Rooms
Carpeting – No. of Rooms
Kitchen Eating Area
Stove / Oven (Gas / Electric)
Garbage Disposal
Broken Windows
Storm Windows / Screens
Washer / Dryer Outlets
Laundry Space
Finished Basement
Sump Pump / Drainage
Connected to Sewer System
Backyard Fence
Property Boundaries
Security (dead bolts, detectors)
Building Code
Ability to Expand / Enlarge House

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